Cluster API Azure Roadmap

The best place to see what’s coming is in the public milestones.
The next numbered milestone (e.g. 1.8) is planned at the very beginning of the 2-month release cycle. This planning and discussion begins at Cluster API Azure Office Hours after a major release. Active community PR contributions are prioritized throughout the release, but unplanned work will arise. Hence the items in the milestone are a rough estimate which may change. The “next” milestone is a very rough collection of issues for the milestone after the current numbered one to help prioritize upcoming work.

High Level Vision

CAPZ is the official production-ready Cluster API implementation to administer the entire lifecycle of self-managed or managed Kubernetes clusters (AKS) on Azure. Cluster API extends the Kubernetes API to provide tooling consistent across on-premises and cloud providers to build and maintain Kubernetes clusters at scale while working with GitOps and the surrounding tooling ecosystem.


There are a number of large priority “Epics” which may span across milestones which we believe are important to providing CAPZ users an even better experience and improving the vision.