For Kubernetes Developers

If you are working on Kubernetes upstream, you can use the Cluster API Azure Provider to test your build of Kubernetes in an Azure environment.

Kubernetes 1.17+

Kubernetes has removed make WHAT=cmd/hyperkube command you will have to build individual Kubernetes components and deploy them separately. That includes:

  • Run the following commands to build Kubernetes and upload artifacts to a registry and Azure blob storage:
export AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT=<AzureStorageAccount>
export AZURE_STORAGE_KEY=<AzureStorageKey>
export REGISTRY=<Registry>
export TEST_K8S="true"
export JOB_NAME="test" # an enviroment variable used by CI, can be any non-empty string

source ./scripts/

A template is provided that enables building clusters from custom built Kubernetes components:

export CLUSTER_TEMPLATE="test/dev/cluster-template-custom-builds.yaml"

Testing the out-of-tree cloud provider

To test changes made to the Azure cloud provider, first build and push images for cloud-controller-manager and/or cloud-node-manager from the root of the cloud-provider-azure repo.

Then, use the external-cloud-provider flavor to create a cluster:

AZURE_CLOUD_NODE_MANAGER_IMG=myrepo/my-cnm:v0.0.1 \
CLUSTER_TEMPLATE=cluster-template-external-cloud-provider.yaml \
make create-workload-cluster